Henry Parham

One iconic image from D-day is one of beached LSTs on Omaha beach. Floating above the ships are silver oval shaped balloons as military vehicles drives off the LSTs. These balloons are known as “barrage [Read more]


Joseph “Joe” Joiner

Joseph “Joe” Joiner amassed a staggering 10,000 hours in fighter planes over a 30 year US Air Force career. During WWII, Joiner flew 84 missions encompassing 374 combat hours over Europe, shooting down 4 Luftwaffe [Read more]


Jack Holder

Mr. Jack Holder, veteran of Pearl Harbor, Midway, Guadalcanal, as well as Europe signed the Log Book on 29 August 2020. Pearl Harbor Enlisting with the US Navy in 1940 aged 18, Holder completed Aviation [Read more]


The Belcher legacy

The Belcher family’s legacy is beyond compelling. Their story incorporates sacrifice, struggle, reconciliation, fidelity … at truly unimaginable levels. Their journey defines the ability of the human spirit to endure and triumph in the face [Read more]