When you summarize and plot significant events of the signers a gruesome picture emerges. In the below list we only display the events recorded for the current month – for a yearly summary we refer to the timeline pages outlining events per year.

1945-09-0278Vito Alongi, US Navy, 1st Class Fireman, witnesses the Japanese surrender on board USS Missouri (BB-63).
1944-09-0479POW Frank McGovern sails from Singapore in Convoy HI-72 on board Japanese hell ship Rakuyo Maru.
1945-09-0478Ben Skardon is evacuated from Hoten POW Camp outside Mudken, China by air.
1941-09-0782Tim Elkington, Wing Commander RAF, takes off from HMS Argus (I49) with No. 134 Squadron for an airfield near Murmansk.
1944-09-0879Start of the Battle of Geel between British and German troops near Gheel in Belgium where Gabriel "Bie" Verlinden is a civilian resident.
1944-09-1279POW Frank McGovern is on board Japanese hell ship Rakuyo Maru when it is torpedoed by USS Sealion (SS-315) in the Luzon strait.
1944-09-1479POW Frank McGovern and his ~136 shipwrecked comrades of hell ship Rakuyo Maru are picked up by Japanese frigate and taken to Hainan Island.
1942-09-1681Raymond Glensor, 142 Squadron RAF, Navigator, RNZAF, bails out over occupied France from Wellington bomber DF550 having been engaged and hit by night fighters and Flak, entire crew of five survives.
1944-09-1779Guy Whidden of 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne Divisions parachutes into Netherlands in Operation Market Garden.

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