When you summarize and plot significant events of the signers a gruesome picture emerges. In the below list we only display the events recorded for the current month – for a yearly summary we refer to the timeline pages outlining events per year.

1942-03-0181Frank McGovern, Gunner, RAN, on board HMAS Perth (D29) is hit by two IJN torpedoes in the Battle of Sunda Strait causing her to capsize and sink at 00:25. McGovern is one of 318 survivors, soon to be POWs, from the sinking.
1945-03-0578Douglas Devaux, USAF, Flight Radio Operator flies a round-trip to Kwanghan, this is his last operational mission to orient his replacement in the flight crew of Lt Schumacher and Lt Wollgast. He has crossed the Hump 80 times in 40 flights.
1945-03-0778Larry Kirby, USMC, E-Co, 2/9, 3rd MarDiv both Easy & Fox companies with a total of some 85 men become trapped in Cushman's Pocket. Having achieved initial surprise under darkness advancing to the right of hill 362C daylight reveals them and Japanese resistance becomes fierce.
1945-03-0878Larry Kirby, USMC, E-Co, 2/9, 3rd MarDiv, Easy & Fox companies have been entrapped for 36 hours and all attempts to extract the besieged Marines have been fiercely repulsed by Japanese forces. Eventually 10 survivors are extracted by US armor, Larry Kirby is one of seven survivors from Easy Company.
1942-03-1081Catherine Martindale née Titley,  5 year old civilian passenger onboard RMS Lady Nelson, is torpedoed and sunk by U-161 while alongside Castries, St Lucia.
1945-03-1478Larry Kirby, USMC, E-Co, 2/9, 3rd MarDiv collects sand, photographed with The Log Book, from near hill 362C on Iwo Jima. Resistance in Cushmans Pocket ceases two days later, 16 March 1945, when Lt. Col Takeichi Nishi's 26th Tank Regiment is finally overrun.
1945-03-1778Theodore "Heck" Bardsley, 311th Regiment, 78th Inf. Division is one of the last to pass over Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen, Germany, before it collapses killing 28 men and injuring 93.
1944-03-3078Douglas Devaux, USAF, Flight Radio Operator, has to transmit a Mayday call when flight is lost in severe thunderstorm over India. Thanks to special training in radio direction finding (RDF) obtained by Pan Am in Miami flight piloted by Lt Lambert makes it safely back to Dum Dum Airfield.
2019-03-303Vito Alongi, US Navy, 1st Class Fireman of USS Missouri (BB-63) signs The Log Book.
1945-03-3177Cpl Douglas Devaux, USAF, Flight Radio Operator is presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross by Col William Barksdale, CO of 1330th Army Air Force Base Unit in Jorhat, India.

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