When you summarize and plot significant events of the signers a gruesome picture emerges. In the below list we only display the events recorded for the current month – for a yearly summary we refer to the timeline pages outlining events per year.

1942-06-02John "Jo" Lancaster, DFC, CEng, FRAeS, Royal Air Force, pilots Wellington bomber S9932 on the second of three "thousand-bomber raid", this time targeting Essen, Germany.
1944-06-06Guy Whidden, 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne Division parachutes into Normandy.
1944-06-06Henry Parham of 320 VLA Barrage Balloon Battalion lands on Omaha beach around 2pm.
1944-06-06Louis Graziano, US Army, lands on Omaha beach in the 3rd wave.
1944-06-06Stuart Sinden, British Army, Suffolk Regiment ferries soldiers onto Juno Beach manning a MG on a Landing Craft (LCM).
1944-06-07Mr Henry Parham and his unit - the 320th VLA - has by dawn managed to raise 12 balloons over Omaha beach.
1944-06-09The SS Dover Hill, Merchant Mariner David Craig's ship, crosses the English Channel and is scuttled as a Corn Cob block ship protecting Goosberry 5 Harbour outside Sword Beach, Normandy.
1944-06-15Edgar Harrell, USMC, USS Indianapolis CA-35 provides fire support for the Marine invasion of the island of Saipan.
1944-06-19Edgar Harrell, USMC, USS Indianapolis CA-35 participates in the Battle of the Philippine sea where the ship shoots down a Japanese torpedo plane.

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