When you summarize and plot significant events of the signers a gruesome picture emerges. In the below list we only display the events recorded for the current month – for a yearly summary we refer to the timeline pages outlining events per year.

1945-05-03POW Lester Schrenk, USAF, 327th BS, 92BG is liberated by elements of the British 8th Army somewhere in northern Germany. It is believed that his group was the last to be liberated, he weighs 100lbs.
1945-05-07Louis Graziano, US Army, witnesses the German unconditional surrender in Europe in Reims.
1943-05-23Sydney "Stevie" Stevens of 57 Squadron RAF flies his first mission as a Lancaster captain on a night raid to Dortmund.
1944-05-28Douglas Devaux, USAF, Flight Radio Operator, encounters severe wind shear in a thunderstorm and has to assist pilots controlling the aircraft by raising and lowering the gear as pilots could not let go of control column and throttles.
1949-05-30John "Jo" Lancaster, DFC, CEng, FRAeS becomes the first pilot to eject in an emergency from a British aircraft.
1942-05-31John "Jo" Lancaster, DFC, CEng, FRAeS, Royal Air Force, pilots Wellington bomber S9932 on the first of three "thousand-bomber raids", target for the raid was Cologne, Germany.

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