Plotting the significant events related to signers of The Log Book in chronological order.

1945-01-06Douglas Devaux, USAF, Flight Radio Operator, flies a return Hump flight from Chengtu when encountering a severe storm that claims as many as fourteen other airplanes lost. After a 7 hour flight, that usually is 5 hours, they finally are able to land in Jorhat, india.
1945-01-08Mrs Marcella LeBeau tends to V-1 bomb casualties in the surgical ward of 76th General Hospital in Liege, Belgium, after it was hit killing 25 and injuring many more.
1945-01-09POW Ben Skardon survives the attack of Allied planes on Japanese hell ship Enoura Maru in Takao, Japanese Formosa (Taiwan)
1945-01-14POW Ben Skardon departs Takao on Japanese hell ship Brazil Maru bound for Moji, Japan.
1945-01-29POW Ben Skardon arrives Moji, Japan on hell ship Brazil Maru.
1945-02-06POW Lester Schrenk, USAF, 327th BS, 92BG is evacuated by German troops from Stalag Luft 4 outside Gross Tychowo, Poland, due to the front line nearing. This is the start of what will be 3 month long death-march spanning over 600-800 miles.
1945-02-15Elizabeth Johnson and the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion arrives to UK.
1945-02-20Joe Joiner of 336th FS, 8th AF conducts his last combat mission of WWII where he shoots down two FW-190's.
1945-02-24Larry Kirby, USMC, E-Co, 2/9, 3rd MarDiv lands on Iwo Jima after the division have been kept afloat off the island as Expeditionary Troops Reserve.
1945-03-05Douglas Devaux, USAF, Flight Radio Operator flies a round-trip to Kwanghan, this is his last operational mission to orient his replacement in the flight crew of Lt Schumacher and Lt Wollgast. He has crossed the Hump 80 times in 40 flights.
1945-03-07Larry Kirby, USMC, E-Co, 2/9, 3rd MarDiv both Easy & Fox companies with a total of some 85 men become trapped in Cushman's Pocket. Having achieved initial surprise under darkness advancing to the right of hill 362C daylight reveals them and Japanese resistance becomes fierce.
1945-03-08Larry Kirby, USMC, E-Co, 2/9, 3rd MarDiv, Easy & Fox companies have been entrapped for 36 hours and all attempts to extract the besieged Marines have been fiercely repulsed by Japanese forces. Eventually 10 survivors are extracted by US armor, Larry Kirby is one of seven survivors from Easy Company.
1945-03-14Larry Kirby, USMC, E-Co, 2/9, 3rd MarDiv collects sand, photographed with The Log Book, from near hill 362C on Iwo Jima. Resistance in Cushmans Pocket ceases two days later, 16 March 1945, when Lt. Col Takeichi Nishi's 26th Tank Regiment is finally overrun.
1945-03-17Theodore "Heck" Bardsley, 311th Regiment, 78th Inf. Division is one of the last to pass over Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen, Germany, before it collapses killing 28 men and injuring 93.
1945-03-31Cpl Douglas Devaux, USAF, Flight Radio Operator is presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross by Col William Barksdale, CO of 1330th Army Air Force Base Unit in Jorhat, India.
1945-04-11Vito Alongi, 1st Class Fireman is on board USS Missouri (BB-63) when she is hit by a A6M Zero Kamikaze plane believed to be piloted by 19 year old Setsuo Ishino.
1945-04-12Vito Alongi assists in the burial at sea with full honors of, what is believed to be, 19 year old Japanese A6M Zero pilot Setsuo Ishino who was killed performing a Kamikaze attack on USS Missouri (BB-63) on 11 April 1945.
1945-04-23Hospital ship USS Comfort (AH-6) where Mrs Doris Howard neé Gardner serves as a Nurse stands off Okinawa for a second time to pick up casualties.
1945-04-28Late at night the hospital ship USS Comfort (AH-6) is hit by a Kamikaze - on board is nurse Doris Howard neé Gardner who is seriously injured.
1945-04-29POW Ben Skardon arrives Hoten POW Camp outside Mukden, China.
1945-05-03POW Lester Schrenk, USAF, 327th BS, 92BG is liberated by elements of the British 8th Army somewhere in northern Germany. It is believed that his group was the last to be liberated, he weighs 100lbs.
1945-05-07Louis Graziano, US Army, witnesses the German unconditional surrender in Europe in Reims.
1945-07-14Paul M Crawford, USAF, bails out of his P-51K over Jiexiu, China after being hit by ground fire.
1945-08-07Paul M Crawford, USAF, 529FS, 311FG returns to his unit after having made an escape out of occupied China.
1945-08-20POW Ben Skardon's Camp Hoten is declared liberated by Russian forces.
1945-09-02Vito Alongi, US Navy, 1st Class Fireman, witnesses the Japanese surrender on board USS Missouri (BB-63).
1945-09-04Ben Skardon is evacuated from Hoten POW Camp outside Mudken, China by air.