On this day in history – 17 January – CHOCKS AWAY!

Today’s date has come to hold a special meaning for the project as it was on 17 January 1944 that Cyril Devaux made his first flight entry in his log book. He records his first 40 mins of flight training at No 5 EFTS High River in Canada in Fairchild Cornell FJ695 with instructor F/O Paris.

77 years later in 2021 we launched our website digitizing the log book’s journey collecting first hand accounts of veterans and victims of WWII. The reception has been beyond what we ever could have asked for, reaching and engaging so many people.

It was also, by shear coincidence around this date in 2022 that webmaster Lars McKie had the distinct (and somewhat fearful) pleasure of meeting the book first hand.

Today, eighty years to the day after Cyril Devaux’s taking to the skies, we are also trying to get off the ground by launching our own podcast.

We invite you to journey with us hearing the story of how this WWII Pilot’s log book came to be signed by almost 250 veterans and victims of this horrific conflict. Talking to project founder Nick Devaux we will go from the embryonic beginning through signatory to signatory in chronological order.

Through the below first episode we hope to spark your interest to journey with us! Come and go as you like and stay tuned for the release of our next episode.

We welcome any and all feedback, comments, additional or correcting information.

About Lars McKie 78 Articles
An ordinary Swede with a passion for history and just grateful to be given the chance to participate and contribute to the project.

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