Peter Grose

Civilian, author of "A Good Place to Hide"

PETER GROSE – Civilian, author of “A Good Place to Hide”

The week of 9 September 2019 saw the Log Book arrive in a charming place called L’île d’Oléron, an island on the west coast of France where Peter Grose, former correspondent, pilot, and author of several books including one called “A Good Place to hide” agreed to receive it.

Peter Grose is the author of “A Good Place To Hide: How One French Village Saved Thousands of Lives During World War II”. The book outlines the story of an isolated community in the Loire Valley that conspired to save the lives of some 3500 Jews under the noses of the Germans and soldiers of Vichy France.

Another author and close friend of Peter’s, Thomas Keneally had this to say about Peter’s book:

Peter Grose’s tale of the astounding ‘rescue village ‘ of Le Chambon is not what you think it would be: no sentimental yarn of deliverance of all those the Nazi regime had in their sights, but a tale of practically delivered salvage of the hunted. It is a story resonant in our days, the age of refugees, and a grand narrative in its own right, all told with absorbing narrative skill. A book to cherish and recommend!

Thomas Keneally

I first contacted Peter a year ago after reading about some of the extraordinary persons of Le Chambon, the subject of his book. He very patiently attempted to connect me with several of them in my signature quest. As happens sometimes, none panned out. This too is part of the journey.

Peter, in his absolute kindness (read “because of my incessant prodding”), invited me to send the Log Book to him on the occasion of his visiting friend Thomas Keneally who also is an author – one of his more known books is “Schindler’s Ark” which later became a film titled “Schindler’s List”.

Mr Keneally’s signature to the left and Mr Grose bottom right, sharing page with Marvin Strombo

Peter’s wonderful blog is here:

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