24 July 2021
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    A word from the webmaster

    The incredible journey of The Log Book continues heading to New Zeeland for a second time. The number of signatures are about to pass a staggering 130. As we continue to build on enhancing and [Read more]
  • In the media

    Interviewed on ExtremeGenes

    The Log Book Project was granted the spotlight in podcast episode 375 on ExtremeGenes. Scott Fisher graciously reached out to project founder Nick Devaux and this is the first in a two part visit. Please [Read more]
  • Obituaries

    In memory of Edgar Harrell

    Edgar Harrell was a man of steadfast patriotism and deep faith. Legacies like his never die. Rest well Sir we are beyond honored to carry your story. The Log Book Project sends deepest condolences to [Read more]
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    The Cowboy Channel

    On 6 May 2021 Mrs Marthe Cohn added her signature to The Log Book facilitated by neighbor and Film Producer/Director Mr Michael Potter who we are deeply indepted to. The momentous occasion was featured as [Read more]

Recent Signess


Henry Parham

One iconic image from D-day is one of beached LSTs on Omaha beach. Floating above the ships are silver oval shaped balloons as military vehicles drives off the LSTs. These balloons are known as “barrage [Read more]


Joseph “Joe” Joiner

Joseph “Joe” Joiner amassed a staggering 10,000 hours in fighter planes over a 30 year US Air Force career. During WWII, Joiner flew 84 missions encompassing 374 combat hours over Europe, shooting down 4 Luftwaffe [Read more]

Recent articles


A twofold mission

Awareness is an interesting concept in terms of the speed setting attached to it. We can suddenly become aware that there is no toilet paper, or wine, and then circumstances become really interesting (Cana). Other [Read more]

In the Spotlight

David Bayer

DAVID BAYER – Holocaust survivor Auschwitz and Jaworzno David Bayer signing The Log Book. Born to Jewish parents Manes and Sarah Bayer in Kozienice in southeastern Poland, David Bayer was the second of 4 children. [Read more]

Cyril Devaux

Cyril Devaux

Tiger Moth N9151

Cyril Devaux earnes his Pilot’s Flying Badge at No. 3 S.F.T.S Calgary on October 27th 1944. At the time he is unaware of the acquaintance with Tiger Moth N9151 he is about to make. The [Read more]

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Veterans Breakfast Club

The Journey – 312 113 km