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Achille Muller

Col Achille Muller, a veteran of the Special Air Service (SAS), signed the Log Book at his home in Billère, France in the presence of Mr. Pierre-Alain Letourneur who graciously facilitated the book’s presentation. The [Read more]

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The Doolittle raid

Shortly after 8am in the morning of 18 April 1942 all 16 of Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25 Mitchell bombers successfully take off from the carrier deck of USS Hornet (CV-8). Due to the risk of being [Read more]


Coming (a)Cross the past

Esmond Farfan, distinguished Trinidad WWII veteran pilot and author of “Five Years in WWII” passed away, aged 99, on 10 March. He was in fact brought to my attention years earlier but his physical condition [Read more]

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George “Johnny” Johnson

GEORGE “JOHNNY” JOHNSON – RAF Squadron Leader, MBE DFM George “Johnny” Johnson signing The Log Book. During the summer of 1942, George Johnson was posted to No. 97 Squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa as a [Read more]

Cyril Devaux

Cyril Devaux

Crash of Oxford X6734

On 3 May 1944 LAC Cyril Devaux takes his first familiarization flight on the Cessna Crane type with instructor F/O Larsen as 1st Pilot. Three flights entered in his log book for 7, 8 and [Read more]

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Veterans Breakfast Club

The Journey – 312 113 km