• Cyril Devaux

    The journey started 29 May 1943

    Cyril Devaux‘s journey to join the war effort started in 1943, like many others, eager to do his part, and surely impacted by the war going on in the Caribbean. There is a common misconception [Read more]
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    The Damien Lewis tour

    Followers of TLBP know our success relies on a global network of facilitators who collect one or sometimes (many) more signatures. The growing list of volunteers includes several accomplished authors. Most recently Mr. Damien Lewis [Read more]
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    Rev Robert Alexander Simmons

    Ordained in 1932 Irish born Rev. Robert Alexander Simmons deployed to the Mediterranean with the 64th Medium Regiment in 1941. On the island of Crete his regiment faced the huge German airborne invasion, Operation Mercury, [Read more]
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    A greeting from AirmenDK

    The website Airmen.dk has been online since 2007 providing information on allied airmen and aircraft shot down over Denmark during WWII. It currently holds data on 463 aircraft and 3089 airmen shot down over occupied [Read more]
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    Asahi Shimbun article by Mayuri Ito

    The project is most honoured by the recent article published in The Asahi Shimbun (Asahi News) by journalist Mrs Mayuri Ito. The paper is not only one of the oldest but also among the four [Read more]

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Kazuo Odachi

Kazuo Odachi was born on 11 December, 1926 in a country village not far from Tokyo called Kitano Kotesashi. Odachi’s graduation from elementary school coincided with Japan’s occupation of China. Within a few years, Odachi [Read more]

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Nikolai Imchuk

As war broke out the 11 year old Nikolai Imchuk was at an orphanage in Uman, near Kiev, Ukraine, when it was bombed by the Luftwaffe. He joined the retreating Soviet troops but became trapped [Read more]

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