21 April 2021
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    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    There will be an endless stream of tributes for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in the days ahead. His BBC obituary depicts a self reliant man of substance, including “22,219 solo engagements since 1952”. However [Read more]
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    Interviewed by WMAR-2 News’ Erin MacPherson

    The Log Book Project founder Nick Devaux interviewed on WMAR-2 News’ Voices For Veterans by Erin MacPherson. This conversation was conducted LIVE on Facebook before featuring the main story on WMAR-2 News the same day.
  • Obituaries

    In memory of Mr. David Tejada

    With heavy hearts we announce the (6 March, 2021) passing of former Filipino Scout and Bataan Death March survivor, Mr. David Tejada. His close-knit family are understandably heartbroken. Death has been a constant companion along [Read more]
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    Kaiten: Japan’s WWII Human Torpedo

    Please join Mike Mair on Sunday 21 March as he presents his intriguing insights behind the story of Japan’s WWII human torpedo – Kaiten. On 20 November 1944 the USS Mississinewa (AO-59), a 553ft Fleet [Read more]

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Henry Parham

One iconic image from D-day is one of beached LSTs on Omaha beach. Floating above the ships are silver oval shaped balloons as military vehicles drives off the LSTs. These balloons are known as “barrage [Read more]


Joseph “Joe” Joiner

Joseph “Joe” Joiner amassed a staggering 10,000 hours in fighter planes over a 30 year US Air Force career. During WWII, Joiner flew 84 missions encompassing 374 combat hours over Europe, shooting down 4 Luftwaffe [Read more]

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Ben Skardon

BEN SKARDON – US Army, 92nd Infantry Regiment PA, Bataan Death March and Hell Ship x 2 survivor Colonel Ben Skardon signed the Log book on 10 April 2019. This stoic gracious man – who [Read more]

Cyril Devaux

Cyril Devaux

Tiger Moth N9151

Cyril Devaux earnes his Pilot’s Flying Badge at No. 3 S.F.T.S Calgary on October 27th 1944. At the time he is unaware of the acquaintance with Tiger Moth N9151 he is about to make. The [Read more]

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Veterans Breakfast Club

The Journey – 127 689 km