The Log Book Project would like to promote the following websites.

Veterans Breakfast Club

The mission of the Veterans Breakfast Club is to create communities of listening around veterans and their stories to ensure that this living history will never be forgotten.  We believe that through our work, people will be connected, educated, healed, and inspired

Wethersfield Airfield Museum

The Museum exists to record the rich and diverse military and social history of RAF Wethersfield. The museum is an educational repository of audio, visual and physical resources which celebrate Anglo-American relations and collectively tells the story of this unique place in Essex.

Bataan Legacy Historical Society

Bataan Legacy Historical Society was created as a response to the lack of information on the Filipino defenders of Bataan.  It began during public readings of a historical novel, In Her Mother’s Image, written by the founder of the organization Cecilia I. Gaerlan.  The novel was inspired by the many WWII stories  that Cecilia heard while growing up as a child in the Philippines.  Her father, Luis Gaerlan, Jr., was with the 41st Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army Forces of the Far East and survived the Bataan Death March as well as his incarceration at Camp O’Donnell.

Historic Autograph TTM Collection

The incredible collection of historic autographs maintained by the young Henry Schoepke. The drive and willingness to learn about the history behind the autograph to carry forward to future generations is an inspiration to us all.

The National Caribbean Monument Charity

A charity whose aim is to install a befitting monument in the National Memorial Arboretum, in recognition of sacrifices and contributions made over centuries by men and women of the Caribbean who served in the British Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy.


TravelMap ( is a blogging platform that lets travelers create their blog centered on a one-page interactive map.

The Log Book Project utilizes this platform to present The Journey of the log book on an interactive map.

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