‘Tim’ Elkington


“Tim” Elkington (Source Wikipedia)

Every step of the journey of the last 3 years has been remarkable and unparalleled. Mr. Tim Elkington emailed me personally, kindly agreeing to receive the Log Book which was delivered on 12 January. At the time, I had no idea that this stoic heroic noble man would pass away within a matter of days. What an incredible honour to have his consent and acknowledgement in his final moments. He died surrounded by his charming wife and beautiful gracious caring family. A remarkable life so well lived.

His son John wrote to say his father:

“loved the interest – and felt (The Log Book) honoured the memory of his friends and comrades from all those years ago.”

I could ask for no greater validation.

I was thrilled when his daughter Tessa Chambers agreed to sign in his place.


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