Herman Zeitchik

US Army, Sargent, 4th Infantry Division, landed on Utah beach on D-day

Herman Zeitchik served with the 4th Infantry Division, landing on Utah Beach on 6 June 1944 (D Day). He participated in the Battle of the Bulge, liberation of Paris, and liberation of Dachau concentration camp. He had a “Monuments Men” experience when he discovered of a cave full of valuables stolen by the Nazis.

I visited my sister Simonne Devaux Quiros in MD in July 2017 unaware of Mr. Zeitchik’s profile, much less that he lived a mere 20 minutes away. I therefore missed a golden opportunity to meet him personally. After later reading about his amazing service, I reached out to his daughter Carol who kindly invited Simonne to present the Log Book to Mr. and Mrs Zeitchik. The Zeitchiks received Simonne with gracious warm hospitality. Among Mr. Zeitchik’s treasured items was a heartfelt poem composed by his own father, describing profound paternal love and angst for a son deployed on the front lines of a brutal war. Simonne was deeply moved by the entire experience (I was not surprised in the least :)).

Mr. Zeitchik was a specially invited guest at the State of the Union Address on 5 February 2019; a wonderful and fitting honor to add to his sterling legacy.


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