Kaname Harada

THE BEGINNING: The inspiration for the journey of the Log Book began with the story of Mr. Kaname Harada, at the time one of the last living WWII Japanese aces.

I stumbled across an online report and an idea germinated. Basically, would it not be fantastic to ask this man to autograph my dad’s logbook?

I managed to make contact with Mr. Harada’s family who informed me he was in poor health but that i could “try again in the Spring”. I took a leap of faith and sent the book off to an associate in Japan. Sadly Mr. Harada indeed died a few weeks later in May 2016. These circumstances played out numerous times with other potential signatories, but Mr. Harada’s story was definitely the catalyst that started the journey of the Log Book and I am grateful to him for his example of patriotism and legacy as a peace advocate.

This is his story as described in an New York Time article.

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